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Data Center Support Services

RACK59 has worked tirelessly to develop a proven reputation for customer service via our data center support services delivered by our team of on-site experts that work with your deployment day in and day out. That data center support comes in many forms and is customizable for your needs for 24x7x365 customer care.

RACK59 data center support provides access to data center support technicians that have constant insight into the status of infrastructure and services across the entire platform. We leverage our proven data center infrastructure management (DCIM) platform to rapidly identify specific services and infrastructure connected to your equipment to efficiently address service questions, troubleshoot, and manage cases with higher reliability.

Private Data Center Space

Data Center Support Technicians

A 3-tier technician support system ensures rapid resolution of client needs from the enterprise level that calls on us for private data center configurations to an SMB with a single half cabinet presence. This includes:

  • Level-1 techs to quickly respond to trouble tickets (via phone, web or email) and take care of most routine requests
  • Level-2 techs that are subject level experts who resolve more specific and complex issues
  • Level-3 techs resolve the most complex requests.
  • Cisco Engineers
  • Network Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Licensed Electrician
  • Software Developer
  • Software Programmer
  • SQL Programmer

Data Center Support

RACK59 data center support services utilize skilled technicians with years of experience armed with the latesttools and technologies and backed by the most effective monitoring solutions. The goal is always to ensure infinite access, and connectivity, maximum uptime and flawless security.

Remote Hands and Smart Hands technical support services enables you to have our skilled data center technicians act on your behalf and under your direction onsite at the RACK59 data center to proactively or reactively fix any issues that may arise with your colocation equipment.

  • RACK59 is staffed by IT professionalsthat are always available for technical support so customers can focus on their core business while saving time, money and freedom from downtime
  • The RACK59 ES2 monitoring system sends notifications of issues and potential issues 24/7/365
  • Environmental monitoring systems that maintain the temperature of the data center between 68℉ and 74℉.
  • Over 100 monitoring points including the UPSes, network switches, generators, chillers, CRAC units, and anything else we can put a sensor on

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